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Active Autowerke tuned XEDE Processor

Active Autowerke tuned XEDE Processor
Item #AAU AA-XEDE-SW-335
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BMW goes Turbocharging with TWINs The E92 BMW 335i has a new motor designated N54 designed with direct injection, driving 2 Turbos through an air to air intercooler. BMW states,"Overall, the N54 provides the driver with uncompromising response and high torque output in a package that is up 150 pounds lighter than a V-8 engine..." This has been the 1st. gas turbo car since the early 2002 turbo in 1974 and the E23 745i of 1981-1986. Active is pleased to be able to enhance the performance of this new BMW.

Project Goal Active Autowerke devoted considerable time researching how one could improve on increasing the performance without making sacrifices while still meeting the following criteria:

Maintain the stock engine configuration without opening the engine. Make it a true bolt on, whereby most all parts are "plug and play". Add more usable HP at the flywheel, maintaing it's inherent BMW performance. Be able to run pump fuel with as low a fuel as 91 octane. Increasing to a safe boost level. Maintain and enhance the same Turbo Style powerband at all times Keep it affordably priced. Be able to fit all versions including automatics Capability to be upgradeable Simple directions with illustrated pictures to follow

Strategy Active Autowerke tuned XEDE Processor is a state of the art programmable engine interceptor computer that is designed to work in tandem with the vehicle’s factory ECU.

The Active Autowerke XEDE Processor generate changes in fuel and ignition by commanding the factory ECU’s load and crank reference input signals to deliver increased power and torque, optimal throttle response, improved fuel economy and smoother acceleration.

By working through a collaborative effort with Chip Torque, Active is able to upload the Xede processor through a proprietary firmware with specific Active Autowerke tuning files. Noticeable performance can be measured when the boost ramps up to 14 psi which is a nice gain over the stock 8 psi. This just goes to show how well a balanced turbocharged motor can respond favorably to a gentle bit of woosh...

in conjunction with the original BMW computer, the extensive development that BMW has incorporated into dynamic tuning and “limp home” strategies are all still maintained when using the Active Autowerke XEDE Processor. This ensures reliable driving at all times to this new performance edition in the BMW range.

This Active tuned Xede Processor features:

Proven additional HP and Torque gains measured on the rear wheels

Verified and tested on Active's own 335i and other 335is in both manual and steptronic transmission cars

Triggers NO FAULT codes. Does not throw "CHECK ENG" faults, or create annoying limp conditions. It is trouble free.

Xede unit is small, compact and is easily attached to the factory wiring harness by a competent technician

Full control over the Fuel, Boost parameters and Ignition

System is fully reversible and leaves no trace

The unit can be programmable for later revision upgrades and can be easily transferable to other 335i

Optional Feature: As a added feature, the Active Autowerke tuned XEDE Processor has double banks to store separate individually tuned files for varied and different conditions.

Now you can have a STOCK configuration and a hi-performance tuned version all at the same time, just "... A flip of the switch...": and you are good to go.

Why sacrifice and have only one tuned file, when you can have both? No more hassle of going back and forth downloading when you can have two separate tuned files all at the same times. Best of all, the data base for varied tunes increases as the requests rise. Now you can have access to these tuned files upload through the internet. Just click on ACCESS for more details on downloading.

VALET/RACE switch that easily controls the power and boost. All from a switch located inside the glovebox

For Example: VALET- Goes from 300 HP / 300 Ft/Lbs Torque PERFORMANCE - To 385+ HP / 385 Ft/Lbs Torque

Amazing 2 stage switches for different tunes all by the throw of a switch

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  • No matter what car I buy, everything I ever need is in stock, and the prices are unbeatable.

    -Louis Nistico Jr./Connecticut

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