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Stage 3: K24/18G Turbo Upgrade Package -996TT

Stage 3:  K24/18G Turbo Upgrade Package -996TT
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Sale Price$5,845.00 - Savings of $2,005.00
Boost Control
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I could spend hours coming up with an elaborate marketing scheme for this kit, name something catchy like the TMS600 or TMS 650, however that’s not what we’re about here at Titan. We want customers to see for themselves the performance that the K24/18G kit offers and use their cars, not spout off a claimed horsepower they hope the kits make. This package has been proven on the streets, road courses and drag strip across the country, and we want to continue to push people to experience what a well tuned 500+HP feels like in a well engineered and tuned Porsche.

We’ve teamed up with Tony from EPL to offer a package price that can’t be matched anywhere. Rather than start off with a cheap kit price and baiting you with additional upgrades you will want and need, we’ve put together a complete package of the most common upgrade, and used our years of experience in performance wholesale to get the best prices straight from the source. This allows you the consumer to get the best bang for your buck, and know you’re dealing with the real deal, minus the Porsche Tax.

K24/18G Turbochargers- We start with BRAND NEW cores from Borg Warner and take them to next level with a 40 lb/min compressor upgrade. While the turbos are being upgraded we also have the wastegates changed to custom 1 bar upgraded wastegates allowing the turbos to hold more than 1 bar at redline as well as offering increased spool. These turbos are the real deal and include all the top of the line upgrades that most shops charge extra for.

5Bar FPR – With additional boost you’re going to need additional fuel, by upgrading the factory 3.8Bar FPR to a 5.0Bar FPR the factory injectors will provide the much needed extra fuel.

Titan/EPL Reflash - EPL’s has taken great lengths to produce custom ME7.8 ecu calibration files that are both powerful and daily driven friendly. All tunes have been developed using state of the art real time tuning technology on their in house mustang MD500-SE chassis dyno.

•Full rpm range remap of both fuel and ignition.
•EPL’s Standard Level 1 throttle characteristic remapping. Reduces or eliminates DBW lag.
•Gear and load dependent rpm limiter. Approximately 7200rpm in 3-6th gear.
• -Factory integrated 2 step launch control. (EPL Exclusive)
• -No Lift Shifting. (EPL Exclusive)
• Specific files for primary driving conditions (Street, Track, Drag). Please specify at time order is placed. (EPL Exclusive)
• -Specific files for 91 octane, 93 octane, 103+ octane Race Gas, high altitude, etc.
• -EBC or Factory control boost control files available. Please specify at time order is placed.

OPTIONAL EBC +$350: Greddy Profec B Spec II- The Profec B-Spec2 integrates all the basics of an electronic boost controller, with additional useful options. Use the built-in boost gauge (psi or kPa) to tune in a Low and High Boost. Most set the low boost for their standard pump gas boost level, and the high boost for when they want to run on race gas. Also built-in are optional: Warning point, Warning limiter, and peak & last boost record.

Place your order online through our website and send in your factory K16 turbos after the install we will include a set of our new Standard Issue Diverter Valves for free. (a $219.00 value credited after purchase)

Customers Say...
  • No matter what car I buy, everything I ever need is in stock, and the prices are unbeatable.

    -Louis Nistico Jr./Connecticut

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