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Tilton Triple Carbon Clutch

Tilton Triple Carbon Clutch
Item #TIL56-340802
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We are now offering the Tilton multi-plate clutch as used on our 9-second 6-speed Supra. This is the ultimate street/strip clutch, period. Reduce rotating mass by 30lbs+ with this hot street/strip set-up. The entire clutch assembly with flywheel weighs in at 9lbs!!! Triple carbon disks provide the work for holding and releasing big horsepower and torque.

This clutch lasted a season and a half in the Pro Street Tire Supra (running low 9s) and then another 50 launches in Nero's hardtop (running mid 11s) and still has not been sent back to Tilton for a rebuild. I can easily say that a single disk of reputable brand would have only held maybe one event before needing replacing (keep in mind slipping the clutch through first gear with over 800 whp). The Tilton loves to be slipped.

This clutch is built to last (estimated you can go 5-6 years on the same clutch with only 1-2 inexpensive rebuilds). Those of you with 650+ know that this is far from possible with any standard clutch and flywheel combination. Another thing to note is that you are able to slip the clutch at high horsepower/ high RPM with no problems what so ever, exactly what you need to get those great 60 foots needed to lower your ET. This clutch revs extremely quickly and is very streetable (and quiet at that).

Believe it or not we usually have this item IN STOCK.

Customers Say...
  • No matter what car I buy, everything I ever need is in stock, and the prices are unbeatable.

    -Louis Nistico Jr./Connecticut

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