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Vipec V88 PNP Standalone for MKIV Supra

Vipec V88 PNP Standalone for MKIV SupraThis ECU has many features which allow it to be setup to suit various types of engine configurations. It has very flexible options over how the inputs and outputs are controlled, and allows the user to design their own functions to control all sorts of devices. Precise control of injectors and ignition angle are guaranteed at very low or high RPM or manifold pressures. A very high level of protection from interference and tolerance of trigger input errors has been built into this ECU, ensuring a smooth running engine even under the most demanding conditions. Plug and Play option allows this unit to plug directly into your MKIV Supras harness, making for an easy setup.

Variable camshaft control for up to four camshaft. Control of camshaft position is very precise and time taken to advance from full retard to full advance is less the 1 second. Support for VVT and VANOS systems.

Closed loop control of idle speed and boost pressure makes for a "factory" idle speed stability, and precise control of boost pressure. Boost control can be setup to provide a different boost in each gear.

Knock control with support for two sensors. Knock control is user definable with flexible settings to allow precise knock control.

E-Throttle (Electronic Throttle Control).

Peak and hold injector drivers are 10 amp. Both the peak Amps and hold Amps can be set separately in the software for optimum injector control.

Software download: http://www.vi-pec.com/page_files/software.htm

Additional Features:

Sequential peak/hold injection, sequential ignition (no waste fire), full control of IAC, A/C, knock control, boost control (including by gear), launch control, 10 low side outputs, 2 spare IGN outputs/INJ outputs can be used as general purpose low side drivers, 10 digital inputs, 4 temp inputs, 11 0-5V analog inputs, USB communications (cable included in kit).

Customers Say...
  • No matter what car I buy, everything I ever need is in stock, and the prices are unbeatable.

    -Louis Nistico Jr./Connecticut

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